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About us

JSC Buksir was established on the basis of the former subdivision of the Murmansk Sea Fish Port fleet. We have retained the experienced port fleet personnel and adopted their long-term and effective methods and practices. This allows JSC Buksir to provide its services as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.

Over many years, we have accumulated vast experience in the towing and docking of various vessels, self-mobilizing and non-self-mobilizing water craft in various conditions. Our long-term customers include fishing and transport companies, bunkering companies, scientific and research and rescue organizations, companies for water craft disposal, as well as ship repair facilities.

Our tugs and experts have long been involved in the construction of NOVATEK's hydraulic structures in Belokamenka and of 35 Sudoremontny Zavod (Ship Repair Facility).

Currently, our fleet includes an azimuthing stern drive tug (ASD) with a capacity of 2500 kW of unlimited navigation area and two docking tugs with adjustable pitch propellers with a capacity of 1180 kW each.

JSC Buksir offers its customers towing operations in the port of Murmansk and the Kola Bay, coastal and international towing and tugs hire.

Our azimuthing stern drive tug Sea Rover is currently in the Black Sea. In this regard, we are ready to provide it for hire and for work in Azov, Black, Mediterranean, Caspian, Red, North, Baltic, Norwegian, Barents, White seas.